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UTAH: Explore Cedar Mesa

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UTAH: Explore Cedar Mesa

This trip will be archaeology focused to spend extra time finding and appreciating culturally significant ruins.

You must be able to manage yourself and your transportation. This trip has minimal guidance off-trail. It may be possible to plan ridesharing by communicating with other attendees.

The trip leader will not be traveling back to California after this event and is unable to facilitate rideshares.

As this trip is out of state, communication is critical. If you are attending but have not connected with the group in Valley of the Gods prior to entering Cedar Mesa, it will be challenging to meet up. There is sporadic phone service or no service. Therefore, if something comes up, you must communicate with the group as early as possible.

Trip Breakdown 🌞
Backpack Bullet Canyon and Shieks Canyon
Distance: ~15 miles
Approximate elevation gain/loss: +/- 2,700
Additional Side Trips and Primitive Car Camping

Day 0 (May 16th, Thursday): Travel Day to Valley of the Gods. Can meet and caravan from Page, AZ.
Day 1 (May 17th, Friday): Explore Cedar Mesa, hike Lower Fish Canyon, and car camp. (More info TBD)
Day 2 (May 18th, Saturday): Start backpacking down Bullet Canyon.
Day 3 (May 19th, Sunday): Backpack up Shieks Canyon and exit. Car camping (location TBD).
Day 4 (May 20th, Monday): Explore Cedar Mesa, visit Moon House (dependent on permit), and car camp.
Day 5 (May 21st, Tuesday): Exit Cedar Mesa, head to Monument Valley camp.

To join:
Please add yourself to the waitlist. Attendees will be screened and manually added based on outdoor experience and history with this group.

Once added, you will be sent information to collect payment.

Fee: $35 per person. Once collected, this fee is nonrefundable because it will be used to secure your permits. Please do not pay until you are fully committed. Permits include backpacking permit, Moon House permit, and day permits.
(Fee includes the costs of permits with a $5 processing fee).

May is warm and dry with temps reaching 80 high and 50 low.

Water is available in the canyons we will hike, but quality is contingent on season. It is dryer in May and some water may be stagnate. There are flowing springs in some places.
Please carry more than enough water in your vehicle. Be sure to stock up on any consumables before leaving Page, AZ.

Gear and Equipment:
Please be sure you are properly prepared for this trip including all necessary and properly working gear, good quality and broken-in hiking shoes, backpack with proper support, tent, sleeping bag and pad, food, water, filtration, and all other necessary items for a weekend backpacking trip in SE Utah.

This trip may be combined with the “Little Colorado via the Hopi Salt Trail” and the “Kayak Camping Horseshoe Bend” trip.
Roadtrip plans as follows~

  • May 9th, Drive to Flagstaff hotel.
  • May 10th, Start Little Colorado.
  • May 12th, Exit Little Colorado and drive to Page, AZ hotel.
  • May 13th, Drive to Lees Ferry and backhaul kayaks to Glen Dam.
  • May 15th, Exit the river and stay in Page hotel.
  • May 16th, Head to car camp in Valley of the Gods.
  • May 17th, Explore Cedar Mesa.
  • May 18th, Backpack Bullet and Shieks Canyon.
  • May 19th, Exit canyon and car camp.
  • May 20, Explore Cedar Mesa and car camp.
  • May 21, Exit Cedar Mesa and head to Monument Valley.

More information to be provided later.

The trip leader is staying overnight in Monument Valley after Cedar Mesa if anyone else is interested.

Each participant of this exploratative trip must realize that they are ultimately responsible for their own safety and navigation while engaging in this activity.

DISCLAIMER: Hike at your own risk. Be responsible for yourself and your safety. Make good decisions. With any trip, things can change, reservations can get lost, the unexpected can happen. A go-with-the-flow attitude is always a good thing, and most importantly, let’s all have fun! Make sure you are in good enough physical shape for the distance, elevation changes, and terrain. The leaders in this group aren’t professional guides. By signing up for these events, you agree not to hold the Meetup organizers responsible for whatever happens to you on these events. The hiking group does not certify the expertise of the organizers, the event or assistant organizers (hike leaders) and…We are NOT responsible for any possible losses or injuries.

May 16 2024


Start: May 16 @ 4:00 pm
End: May 21 @ 8:00 am
Hiking Group:
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Cedar Mesa


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Trail statistics are approximate. For safety purposes always assume they are underestimated. But don’t be disappointed if they are overestimated. Bring more water and snacks than you think you’ll need.

Trail descriptions are based on previous hikes. Current conditions are unknown until arrival. Expect the unexpected and plan accordingly.

The Organizers and members of Hiking With Dean are not professional leaders, guides, or mountaineers. The function of the member or organizer is only to organize the trip. Each person who shows up for a trip/meetup (and their guest or guests) is responsible for his or her own safety. By attending a hike, or any other event organized by this group, you are acknowledging that you and any guests that you bring are aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with the activity and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards, and further agree to release and discharge the Organizers, Members of the Hiking With Dean Meetup Group from and against any and all liability arising from your participation in the group activities per our ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND LIABILITY WAIVER and Section 6.2 of the Terms of Service.