Hike Rating Guide


The following ratings are to be used as a general guideline to determine the difficulty of a hike, both by the Organizer/Host, and the prospective participants. They are based on the regular hiker that is reasonably fit.  There are two levels of ratings: Skill and Fitness.

Technical Level

None of our hikes are at a high skill level and no special equipment is ever needed. While the occasional use of hands are necessary, I do not lead any hikes that requires scrambling above long drop-offs, or with ropes or chains. Rock scrambling is limited to Class 2 (Difficult walking, with your hands required at some spots)

Fitness Level


Day hikes covering mostly level terrain and mild inclines. No difficult trail. Generally less than five miles total.


Day hikes covering a variety of terrain, with a few steep or difficult areas, but no prolonged steep grades or difficult terrain, and generally between five and ten miles in length total (or shorter hikes with more difficult terrain).


Longer day hikes up to ten miles and more total length, and/or covering terrain that contains prolonged steep or difficult stretches (a short hike could be rated difficult if the terrain is such), or a bushwhack hike of any mileage covering difficult terrain.