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The Details

We’ll begin at the Secret Trail (aka the Calabasas-Cold Creek Trail) and wind our way through shaded ravines, dense chaparral and sandstone outcrops until we reach Calabasas Peak Motorway. … Read the rest

An HWD Classic!

During the 1950s, when Ronald Reagan hosted TV’s “Death Valley Days,” he wanted a more rural retreat than his home in Pacific Palisades. So he bought a 305-acre ranch in the hills of Malibu as … Read the rest

Perched high above the Palisades and Malibu, the vista from the Parker Mesa Overlook is stunning. You can see all of the LA basin laid out before you, the San Gabriel Mountains to the north, Catalina Island to the south, … Read the rest

What ancient creature laid upon the earth, slowly eroding and permitting our
feet to walk across its spine? The Santa Monica Mountains once rose upwards
of 10,000 feet in elevation, but millions of years of geologic forces have shaped
and … Read the rest

With two waterfalls, scenic volcanic outcroppings, a variety of hiking trails, several pleasant picnic areas, and abundant open space, Wildwood park is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the nearby city.

Some of the highlights along … Read the rest