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Paradise Falls – Indian Creek – Fit Beginner

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Paradise Falls – Indian Creek – Fit Beginner

2.5 mi, 370′ gain, fit beginner.
Easier Option, 2 mi, 225′ gain, fit beginner.

A hike to Paradise Falls is one of the most popular things to do for those visiting Simi Valley, yet a lot of people that live nearby rarely make this fun hike or perhaps have never done it.

The waterfall is flowing fully even during our drought conditions. It is fed by urban run-off, surface water waste created by urbanization. It feeds into a small pond, where I see people swimming and diving on occasion, but this water is not safe or legal to swim in due to health risks and debris hidden below the surface.

There are several paths one can take to the falls. This is the easiest route I know from our starting location. Note that the easier option, skips the additional walk to the falls by waiting at the social event picnic area.

We start from the tennis court lot 4 blocks E. of the main parking lot and across the road. We’ll head about 100 steps north and go down and into an under-street tunnel to cross the road. We’ll turn right out of the tunnel, and when we see a split to the left, we’ll take it. This is the Indian Creek trail, sometimes called the Two Springs trail.

When we come to a junction, we’ll cross a wooden bridge, then turn left. We’ll continue 1/4 mile until we reach a picnic area on the left.

Those that want the easier option, will wait here while the rest of the group continues for another 850′, makes a left, and then weaves their way down to Paradise Falls for about 150′ more.

After a short look at the falls, we’ll go back to the picnic area for a social event lasting 30-60 minutes, and then return the way we came.

Returning Early
For those that wish to head back instead of hanging around for the entire snack share, you are responsible for finding your own way back. Continue back the way we came.

If you are not following the leader on the return, you should know that after crossing the bridge and turning left, you will come to two creeks. We’ll be taking a sharp turn to the left a few feet before the second creek. It’s easy to miss and almost doesn’t even look like a trail, but it’s the only way one can go.

You will see several plants of note:

Prickly Pear Cactus
Inside and fruit are edible. Remove needles and scrape to remove hairs, cut top off, hollow out to make water container. Burn or scrape off needles – even stones can be used if you don’t have a knife. Fruit peels easily. Eat seeds and all. Use duct tape to remove thorns from hands.

Sugar Bush
Looks almost like Laurel Sumac. Pointy leaves, which is one way to tell it apart from the Lemonade berry. Has fuzzy red berries in long clumps that can be used to make a lemonade like drink. Sap from the fruit can be used as a sweetener. Leaves are edible. Can only be found in the California hills.

Wildwood Park
635 W Avenida De Los Arboles
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

From the 118:
CA-118 west to CA-23.
Continue south on CA-23 to exit 15 for 4.8 miles, Avenida de los Arboles
Turn right (west) on Avenida de los Arboles for 3.3 miles, 4 blocks before it ends. There will be tennis courts on the right with a parking lot.

From CA-23:
CA-23 to exit 15, Avenida de los Arboles
West on Avenida de los Arboles for 3.3 miles, 4 blocks before it ends. There will be tennis courts on the right with a parking lot.

Parking: If the lot is full, additional lot 750′ back the way you came, or use the neighborhood across the street.

The Hike
Distance: 2.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 370′
Pace: 2.0 mph
Difficulty: Fit Beginner
Dogs: Yes.
Restrooms: No.
Drinking Fountains: No.
Parking: Free.
Trail: Double and single track, fire road.

What to Bring:
1-2 liters of water.
Snacks and/or beverages to share.
Hiking shoes preferred, but athletic shoes will be OK.
Flashlight or headlamp for evening hikes.
Repellent – There can be gnats.

Disclaimer / Release of Liability

August 09 2022


Date: August 9
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Hiking Group:
RSVP: Visit Meetup Website


Tennis Court parking lot

635 W Avenida de Los Arboles
Thousand Oaks, CA US

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