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Mt. McCoy – Annual Cross Lit Hike

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Mt. McCoy – Annual Cross Lit Hike

3 miles, 700′ gain, Easy Intermediate
Easier Option: 2.4 mi, 530′ gain. (1343 Los Amigos Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065, or 89 La Paz Ct, Simi Valley, CA 93065 to save another 500′ distance).

A special treat: The cross will be lit! The Rotary Club lights the cross for the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, and our group has been doing this hike every year since the group started.

We’ll meet in the parking lot at the northeast corner of Madera and Royal, just south of the Donut Delite, on the east side of the Clinicas office. We’ll walk from there to the trailhead at 2 Washburn St. where it meets Los Amigos Ave.

Sunset time is 7:13p. Our hike up will be in daylight and we should arrive near sunset.

The Hike
Rated “Easy Intermediate” due to the 1 mile continuous incline that can get exhausting, but a fit beginner can easily complete it.

We cross Madera and continue through the neighborhood for about 1500′, to the intersection of Washburn St. and Los Amigos Ave. Then we enter a path behind the houses and proceed for 250′ to the entrance. So far, there will have been very little elevation gain.

For those that want a little easier option start at this address: 1366 Los Amigos Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065.

We’ll enter a series of switchbacks for 1.2 miles to a large cross at the top. This is a steady climb across the face of the hill, always in full view of the neighborhood below. There is nothing wrong with slowing down while faster hikers move ahead, or resting for a minute during this climb.

It may seem easy to get lost because there are many different cross-paths up the face of this hill, but they all lead to the same place. Generally, whenever there is a choice of “left or right”, we take the easier and more worn path. If you happen to find yourself alone and take a wrong turn (aka steep cut), all paths lead up.

At the top by the cross, we’ll enjoy the gorgeous 360 degree views and share beverages and/or snacks.

Easy Option: 2.25 mi, 650′ gain.
Just a little easier. Park at the traihead: 4 Washburn St, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Interesting Notes
Here are a couple plants you are sure to see on this hike:

Black Sage
Multiple brown buttons going up the top of the stalk, that may have white flowers. Green leaves. Purple or white flowers that are dark brown as they dry on the plant. Squish the leaves and smell.

A rare and sought after Black sage honey is also made from the honey of bees that pollinate the Black sage plant. Black sage is utilized in the culinary world as an aromatic and flavorful herb. It can be used in recipes wherever traditional sage is called for, however keep in mind that foraged Black sage has a much stronger flavor than that of traditional store bought sage.

Its flavor goes well with winter squashes, brown butter, poultry, venison, pears, cheese, potatoes and other herbs such as rosemary and thyme. Use fresh in a variety of different preparations or leaves. Can be dried and stored for future use as a dried herb. Black sage was used traditionally by Native Americans known as the Chumash people to form an herbal soak for the bath to be used in the treatment of bodily pain, specifically for the feet and lower legs.

Purple Sage
Grey-green leaves. Aromatic when crushed. Purple flowers. Aka, Tobacco Sage, with mild hallucinogenic properties when smoked. Can be used as a spice or made into a tea. Tea has medicinal affects: Antiviral, gargle for sore throats, reduce hay fever symptoms and other drying actions.

Distance: 3 miles (round trip)
Elevation Gain: 700′
Difficulty: Easy Intermediate
Duration: 3 1/2 hours
Pace: 2.0 mph
Dogs: Yes.
Restrooms/Drinking Fountain: Yes – at nearby places of business
Parking: Free
Trail: Mostly single-track

What to Bring
1-2 liters of water.
Snacks and/or beverages to share
Hiking or athletic shoes.
Flashlight or headlamp.

For those doing the regular route:
1424 Madera Rd, Simi Valley, CA 93065

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March 28 2024


Date: March 28
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Clinicas Del Camino Real Inc – Madera

1424 Madera Road
Simi Valley,US

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