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Limekiln Canyon Lollipop – Suitable for beginners

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Limekiln Canyon Lollipop – Suitable for beginners

4 mi, 500′ gain, beginner
Easier option: 1.5 mi, 125′ gain, beginner.

This is a beginner hike on the beautiful Limekiln trail.

This hike is a slight lollipop, (the shape of the route). There are no extended inclines, however there are about 5 bumps in the trail with 25-40′ gains, about 35-65 steps each. This is something a beginner would be able to handle, but these bumps will get the blood pumping, as they are like climbing up to 4 flights of stairs. There is nothing wrong with pausing for a breather while tackling these bumps in the trail.

The trail varies between asphalt, gravel fire road, single tracker, tree covered, hilly, roadside, wooded, open air, and strolls through the park.

We’ll enter Limekiln Canyon, where we’ll first encounter a heavily wooded park with large pine trees lining the trail and blocking out the sun. After about 0.2 miles, there will be a split. We can go either way because they rejoin after about 100 yards, but for this route, we’ll go left.

After another half mile, the route makes a turn to the right. Those that want the super-easy route should continue straight for 100 yards to a log, where they can wait about 45 min for the rest of us to return for the social event.

The rest of the group will follow the trail to the right and continue for about 1.2 miles. We’ll reach Sesnon Blvd., travel about 20 yards west, and head back in on a different trail.

After several hundred yards, we’ll reconnect with the original trail for the return.

Just before we complete the last 3/4 mile, we’ll turn right instead of left. After about 100 yards, we’ll find a great spot with a giant fallen tree trunk to have a social event snack and beverage share.

After about 30-60 minutes, we’ll continue the last 3/4 mile back to our cars. Those that don’t want to stick around are welcome to head back to their cars by any route they choose, but I’ll take a few splits to the left and cover some different trails, each that returns back to the original trail after several hundred yards.

There will be a couple creek crossings, where one will use a few stepping stones to avoid getting wet. Click HERE for route.

Interesting Notes
Here are a couple plants you are sure to see on this hike:

California Buckwheat
When the white flowers turn a rusty brown, they can be crushed into a powder, mixed with water, and baked into bread. The black seeds in the flower heads are also edible. Don’t touch the white flowers if bees are around because they won’t like it and may attack. A cold tea made from the leaves has been used to treat stomachaches and headaches. A warm tea made from the roots has been used to treat colds. The stems are stiff and flexible, so they have been used by Indians as piercing utensils.

Laurel Sumac
Red stems and outline along leaves. The dried flower bunches look like small trees, and are used by model railroad builders as such, after being dyed green. Laurel sumac is sensitive to cold and does not tolerate freezing conditions. Orange growers in the early history of southern California used to pick places to plant their oranges based on where laurel sumac was growing because this indicated it would not get too cold for oranges if laurel sumac could grow there. For some, the sap will irritate their skin just like poison oak, causing blisters. Also called “Taco Plant”.

Limekiln Canyon Trail
Porter Ranch, CA 91326

From the 118
Exit Tampa Ave (3 miles east of the Topanga Canyon exit) and head north for 1000′.
Left (west) on Rinaldi St. for 1000′.
Trailhead on the right (north).
Park on either side of the street.

The Hike
Distance: 4 miles
Elevation Gain: 500′
Difficulty: Easy
Pace: 2.5 mph
Dogs: Yes
Restrooms: No
Drinking Fountains: No
Parking: Free on either side of the street in front of the trail head.
Trail: Varied. Good condition.

What to Bring:
Snacks and/or beverages to share
1-2 liters of water.
Hiking shoes preferred, but athletic shoes will be OK.
Flashlight or headlamp.

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Limekiln Canyon Trail

19569 Rinaldi Street
Porter Ranch,CAUS

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