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Dos Vientos – Labor Day Picnic

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Dos Vientos – Labor Day Picnic

Come to the hike only (3:00p), picnic only (5:00p), or both.

Warning: Google Maps may take you to the incorrect location, although the address is correct. Please follow the written directions.

3.5 miles, 500′ gain, or if you choose to continue, 5.2 miles, 1140′ gain.

The Hike
3:00 pm at the parking lot entrance.

The hike starts on the Park View trail, completely flat along a gravel track that moves around the Dos Vientos park. It then gently rises into the surrounding hills, continuing onto the Powerline trail.

The first 1.75 miles has about 350′ of gain and another 150′ of gain on the return, including an extended incline of about 450 steps. The extended incline is fire road, so it isn’t especially steep.

At the height of this point, there is a fantastic overlook.

For some additional challenge, one can continue another 0.85 miles for another 450′ of gain and 190′ on the return. It continues to the next electrical tower where the trail splits. This leads to the 2,200 feet high Conejo Mountain in Camarillo, CA.

This extension can be done by beginners, but they will probably want to go slowly and rest a moment after each 100 steps. While not steep, this incline is extended, so I put this in the intermediate category.

This trail offers panoramic views of the Oxnard Plain, the Pacific Ocean, numerous Channel Islands, Boney Mountain, Mugu Lagoon, and the Topa Topa Mountains.

The mountainside is mixed with the remnants of a brush fire and new growth. I will be marking the trail with white arrows at junctions so that nobody gets lost and hikers can turn around at any point.

The Picnic
Approximately 5:00p.

The location of the picnic will be at this park, but since we aren’t reserving an area, we’ll use whatever area is available. Our first choice will be under the awning to the right of the parking lot (enter heading west from Borchard) immediately after entering. If that is taken, there are more grills just to the side of that area, and if that is in use, there are more areas in the park.

This is a pot luck picnic. Please also bring something to eat and drink, and a little extra to share. If your item requires it, bring plates and utensils to share.

You can leave your pot luck item in the car and retrieve it after the hike. Bring something to put on in case it starts to get cool.

Alcohol IS allowed in this park.

The Park
The Dos Vientos park and recreation center building is open until 10pm on weekdays, 6pm on weekends, has plenty of parking in a paved lot, has indoor drinking fountains and bathrooms, and various picnic areas with barbecue grills.

Note that the main picnic area may be rented, but is otherwise is first-come, first-served. Jim, your host, will be bringing a bag of charcoal and fluid.

Interesting Notes.
You will see these on the hike.

Prickly Pear Cactus
Inside and fruit are edible. Remove needles and scrape to remove hairs, cut top off, hollow out to make water container. Burn off needles. Fruit peels easily. Eat seeds and all. Use duct tape to remove thorns from hands.

A composite organism arising from algae, cyanobacteria, or both, and often fungi. They come in many colors. Not related to moss or any plant. They get all their food from photosynthesis, air, water, and minerals in their environment. Most comes from air, and therefore, can be used to monitor air pollution. 6% of earth’s land surface is covered by lichens. This is the paint that gives the look of the rocks of Yosemite. 20,000 known species. Self-contained ecosystems. Some of the oldest living things. Can survive unprotected in space, surviving vacuum, fluctuating temperatures, and cosmic radiation. Used for making dyes, sometimes by boiling in water. Some are edible, some poisonous.

Dos Vientos Community Park
4801 Borchard Rd
Newbury Park, CA 91320
34.175179, -118.981733

From the 118
West to CA-23.
CA-23 south for 7.4 miles.
US-101 north for 4.1 miles.
Exit 47B Borchard Rd.
Borchard Rd. south for 7 miles.
Dos Vientos park entrance on the right.

From CA-23
CA-23 south to US-101.
US-101 north for 4.1 miles.
Exit 47B Borchard Rd.
Borchard Rd. south for 7 miles.
Dos Vientos park entrance on the right.

From US-101 (Camarillo/Ventura)
US-101 south.
Exit 47A Borchard Rd.
Borchard Rd. south for 7 miles.
Dos Vientos park entrance on the right.

Hike Stats
Beginner, 3.5 miles, 1.5 hours, 500′ gain
Easy-Intermediate, 5.2 miles, 1140′ gain
Duration: 2 hrs.
Pace: 2.0 mph
Dogs: Yes.
Restrooms: Yes.
Drinking Fountains: Yes.
Parking: Free in paved lot.
Trail: Single track and fire road. Parts of the fire road have heavy gravel and rubble.

What to Bring
1-2 liters of water for every 3 miles.
A pot luck item and a beverage to share
Hiking shoes preferred, but athletic shoes will be OK.

Frequently Asked Questions
Disclaimer / Release of Liability

September 04 2022


Date: September 4
Time: 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Hiking Group:
RSVP: Visit Meetup Website


Dos Vientos Community Park

4801 Borchard Road
Newbury Park, CA 91320 US

+ Google Map


(805) 495-6471


Hiking Plus
Website: Visit Organizer Website


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