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Let’s burn off some crazy!

Crazy meaning that annoying co-worker who’s jealous of you, or one who just won’t STFU, or an overbearing, micromanaging egomaniac of a boss, or that idiotic customer who was rude to you.

Or maybe you’re the boss and fed up with babysitting your employees 😫

Whatever it is, fogettaboutit!! 🤌🏻 ⬅️ that right there, that hand the arrow is pointing to, is the universal emoji sign for an Italian gesture that has several meanings. Capish? ⬅️ and that right there, that word, is the bastardized version of “understand?” in Italian.

Here’s my favorite Italian gesture🖕🏻


Okay, let’s get off this crazy train and talk about the bitchen hike:

We’ll do part trail, part street, part park – to chase away those work-week blues! This is a very moderate hike of about 3.5 miles, and suitable for beginners as well as the more crazy hiker 🤪 Plus, you can bring the doggos 🐶 how fuckin’ cool is that?!

I want to dedicate all these F-bombs to that crazy lady from last week, who isn’t even a member of my bitchen group, but took it upon herself to instruct me to remove the bad language from my write-ups and keep it professional… hahahahaha!

Anyhoo… are you in?!

Can’t wait!! 💋 💋 💋

🔴 You wanna find us? Take a moment to carefully look at the map and situate yourself well BEFORE you head out for the event. Do not just rely on your navigation.

🔴 This is NOT the trail head where Moorpark Rd. ends and intersects with Greenmeadow. If you go there, we won’t be there.

🔴 Ignore the fact that the address states Westlake Village. Trust me, it’s in Thousand Oaks. Why does it state WLV? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have no idea, ask the peeps at Meetup and/or Google Maps.

🔴 DIRECTIONS: From the 101 fwy in Thousand Oaks heading west towards Ventura, exit Moorpark Rd. and turn left, going under the overpass. Stay in the far right lane and continue straight up Moorpark Rd. til it ends at Greenmeadow. TURN RIGHT onto Greenmeadow and drive aaaaallll the way to the END where you’ll find yourself in the upper parking lot and can’t go any further.


September 30 2021


Date: September 30
Time: 5:45 pm - 7:15 pm
Hike Categories:
Website: Visit Event Website


482 Greenmeadow Ave

482 Greenmeadow Ave
Westlake Village, CA 91361 US

+ Google Map


The Moderate Hikers 🌞 🌝
Website: Visit Organizer Website


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